Far East Strategic Reserve (FESR) War Memorial Foundation Inc.


Patron Vice Chief Defence Force VADM Ray Griggs AO CSC RANPresident: Mr Les Bailey, 110/471 Maroondah Highway, Lilydale Vic 3140

Association Patrons RADM Kevin Scarce AC CSC RANR His Excellency, General The Hon Sir Peter Cosgrove AK MC (Retd.)PROGRESS TOWARD THE FAR EAST STRATEGIC RESERVE (FESR) WAR MEMORIAL

This is an open letter to all members of the RAAF that served in the Malaya Emergency and Indonesian Confrontation.

You may not be aware that we, as a combined grouping of veteran associations, the Far East Strategic Reserve (FESR) Navy Association, the National Malaya and Borneo Veterans Association Australia (NMBVAA) and your own RAAF Association have for some years been working together to raise funds to get the design process up and running for a proposed memorial, which is to be placed in the Sculpture Gardens of the Australian War Memorial, Canberra to commemorate our service.

To get the design procedures underway we require some $50,000.

We have over those years tried many methods of fund raising, and at this time have raised in excess of $40,000 plus we hold over $2,000 in administration funds which are specifically directed toward future administration costs which are expected to increase during the next fundraising stage.

We have raised funds from members of the State Divisions of our various Associations, State Divisions of various RSLs, individual veterans, private individuals and other service and business contributors.

An application is with DVA at the moment for a grant to create a website to support and promote our fund raising efforts.

We currently have a very strong working relationship with the executive of the Victorian State Division of the RSL. The CEO, Brig. Michael Annett CSC gave a very extensive and supportive talk at the recent National AGM of the FESR Navy Association.

The State President, Dr. Robert Webster OAM and Brig. Annett have both agreed to be two of three Champions that I have suggested we should have to act as a driving force when it comes to high level fund raising.

We are currently looking at number of potential candidates to fill the third Champion position.

Over the years we have been collecting for this memorial we have been told “That’s a lot of money you are trying to raise” and “We won’t donate until we are sure the project will go ahead.”


Yes, several hundred thousand is a lot of money but we have had many obstacles placed before us and we have overcome each of them in turn. We, as a Committee, are determined to see this project through and the $50k barrier being achieved will open up the doors to Corporate and Government support.

Today we are closer than on any previous occasion to getting that $50k to set the design phase in motion, so we invite those of your association to donate now and help us to reach this milestone.

Now is the time for all of our Associations to get together as one and support our one cause – our own Tri Service Memorial in Canberra.

Once we break into the world of large donations we would not expect to be called upon again as we will be on the doorstep of our FIRST $100,000.00 Commonwealth Grant.

Donations may be made direct to the Australian War Memorial through the following:

Account Name: BSB:
Account Number: Reference:

National Australia Bank
Australian War Memorial Fund Account 082-902
03501 8614
11140 FESR

Any individual or company that makes a donation will need to provide their name, address and direct bank deposit details to the AWM bank account to ensure they receive their receipt. The address for correspondence in respect of substantial donations to the FESR War Memorial with the AWM is:

Australian War Memorial

Chris Chapman

Acting Head, Finance

Donations can also be made through the FESR War Memorial Foundation. Cheques should be made payable to the FESR War Memorial Foundation Inc. and posted to the following address:

FESR War Memorial Foundation Inc. PO Box 1038

To enable us to send you a receipt acknowledging your kind donation to the building of the Far East Strategic Reserve War Memorial you will need to provide us with your name and address.

Where a donor wishes to make a donation via the internet, the donation can be credited directly to the FESR War Memorial Foundation bank account:

Account Name: BSB:
Account Number:

Bendigo Bank
FESR War Memorial Foundation Inc. 633-000

Again, if a donation is credited direct to the Foundation account the donor still needs to provide his/her name and address along with details of the bank transfer to the Honorary Treasurer, Richard Orr via his email address: .

All donations in excess of $2.00 are Tax Deductable and the Australian War Memorial will provide the appropriate tax deductible receipts if details of the donor’s name and address are provided.


In closing it may be prudent to point out that among the first to donate to this project have been widows and families of ADF personnel of the FESR Navy Association the NMBVAA and the RAAFA who paid the ultimate price in service to their country.

If anybody needs more details on any matters in this Bulletin please give me a call.
Your assistance and support will help make this Memorial to our service become a reality.


Les Bailey

FESR War Memorial Foundation Inc.

Ian Davenport

FESR War Memorial Foundation Inc.

Email: Phone: 02 6258 8988


Phone: Mob. 16 December 2017 03 9780 2310



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