The aims of the Air Force Association are:

For the benefit of and in the interests of members:

  • disseminate information relating to compensation entitlements, hospital and medical treatment and other benefits available to entitled persons under the Veterans Entitlement Act 1986, the Safety Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988 (Military Compensation and Rehabilitation Service - MCRS) and the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2004 (MRCA)
  • give advice and assistance and to provide advocates to represent entitled persons at hearings of the Veterans Review Board, the Administrative Appeals Tribunal and the Courts
  • make submissions and to provide advice to the relevant Ministers and Government Departments on matters connected with the welfare of veterans, ex-servicemen, and members of the Australian Defence Force and with their entitlements to pension and/or compensation for injuries
  • provide for and assist those who are sick and disabled
  • provide for and assist those who may be in straitened or necessitous circumstances
  • establish and maintain retirement villages providing all aspects of on-going care
  • provide comforts for those who are in hospital
  • provide or assist in or contribute generally to any related benevolent purpose
  • provide scholarships and bursaries and to make financial grants for the purpose of books and equipment necessary for the education of their children

Commemorate the service of the fallen by:

  • preserving the memory of comrades who have died
  • providing periodical reunions of members
  • promoting amongst members the highest degree of citizenship and to serve Australia in peace as in war
  • Assist and co-operate with kindred ex-service organisations and other organisations and to assist them in attaining any common object
  • Preserve the heritage and traditions of the Royal Australian Air Force
  • Take an active interest in military, commercial and general aviation and in aviation and aeronautical research
  • Foster aviation and the conservation of aviation heritage