Air Force Association Updates Strategic Plan

Vietnam50 Commemorative Dinner in Canberra Honours Veterans and Bridges Generations

The Air Force Association (AFA) National Board recently held a Strategic Planning Session in Canberra to evaluate and update the organisation’s key elements: Vision, Mission, Values, Strategic Objectives and Key Initiatives.

The aim of the update is to further align the Association with the evolving needs of veterans and their families.

Having consulted with the Federation Council, the National Board is pleased to advise the key updates resulting from the planning session:

Vision: To be recognised as a leading supporter of veterans and their families.

Mission: Supporting the well-being of veterans & their families, fostering camaraderie & commemorating our history.

Values: United through service and sacrifice, we stand with veterans and families. We value courage, respect, care, and compassion.

Tagline: Uniting veterans, enriching lives.

Strategic Objectives and Key Initiatives

The Board has developed five strategic objectives with high-level key initiatives being set out against each objective as follows:

  1. Collaboration & Partnerships
  • Continue to build relationships and develop opportunities with the Air Force, Divisions, other ESOs, sponsors and business partners.
  1. Commemoration
  • Prioritise Fellowship, Heritage, Recognition and Storytelling.
  1. Service & Support Programs
  • Advocate to Governments, DVA and other ESOs for veterans and their families.
  • Take up advocacy positions in Veterans’ and Families’ hubs.
  • Grow the Ambassador Program.
  • Support veterans and family members who are homeless or in necessitous circumstances.
  1. Grow Membership & Community Support
  • Utilise social networks, paid memberships, and volunteers, reaching out to serving Air Force members.
  1. Financial Sustainability
  • Plan a capital appeal and apply for Deductible Gift Recipient status.

“Our recent planning session was both intense and fruitful, thanks to the diligent work of our refreshed board. We are determined to make AFA an organisation that stands out in its support for veterans and their families,” said Carl Schiller, National President of the AFA.

“These new strategies and values are more than just words; they are a compact between us and the community we serve. We are committed to turning these plans into actions that will have a meaningful impact on the lives of our veterans, their families and our members.”


Vietnam50 Commemorative Dinner in Canberra Honours Veterans and Bridges Generations


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