Celebrating Skies and Landscapes – Scott Leggo’s Artistic Flight

RAAF veteran Scott Leggo now commands not the sky but the realm of landscape photography with an unparalleled vision.

Melbourne-raised Scott Leggo’s 10 years with the RAAF equipped him with precision and perseverance—qualities that have propelled his second career. Scott’s stunning photographs stand as a testament to his love for the great Australian outdoors and an adventurer’s heart.

With over 100 awards to his name, including Landscape Photographer of the Year, Scott is now highly respected in the field of photography. His prestigious title of Master of Photography from the Australian Institute of Professional Photography is a nod to his craftsmanship, which captures the Australian landscape’s soul and presents it on a global stage.

Scott’s vast experiences range from flying high-performance aircraft to international diplomatic and strategic roles. These have deeply influenced his art, infusing each photograph with the insight of a world-travelled veteran.

More than a photographer, Scott is a community contributor, advocating for sustainability and supporting charitable causes. His work extends to inspire and give back, reflecting the core values he upheld in the RAAF.

While in the RAAF, serving from 1995 to 2004, he started his career with an Arts degree at the Australian Defence Force Academy, before serving as a Weapons and Tactics Instructor for fighter aircrew, with a key highlight being a tour to Iraq in 2003.

Scott’s gallery in Canberra stands as a hub of artistic and community engagement. His works decorate homes and offices worldwide, conveying the breathtaking beauty of Australia to a global audience.

For those inspired, Scott Leggo’s art can be experienced and purchased online, offering a piece of the Australian spirit to all.

Visit to immerse in his vision of Australia.

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