Ex-Service Organisation Round Table

ESO Round Table (ESORT)

The Ex-Service Organisation Round Table (ESORT) is a forum comprising all major ESO’s, including the AFA.

The forum is hosted by Department of Veterans’ Affairs and chaired by Secretary, DVA. It meets fortnightly for updates on veteran and family support issues and quarterly to discuss matters of strategic importance to the ex-service and defence communities and assist in setting directions for the medium to long term.

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AFA’s representative is Carl Schiller, OAM, CSM


Alliance of Defence Service Organisations

AFA is a founding member of the Alliance of Defence Service Organisations (ADSO).  ADSO was formally constituted in July of 2010 and represents a significant number (over three million) members of Australia's Defence Family on national advocacy and representative...

Australian Air Force Cadets Foundation

AFA is represented on the AAFC Foundation. Its core purpose is to develop pathways to a future in aerospace in partnership with the Australian Air Force Cadets. We  will achieve this by offering a multi-facetted program of experiences, opportunities and activities...

DVA Operational Working Party

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Female Veterans and Veterans’ Families Forum

The Female Veterans and Veterans’ Families Forum aims to meet at least three times each year.  The Forum provides a platform for female veterans and veterans’ families to generate ideas to solve issues facing their communities, co-design DVA products and services, and...

Younger Veterans Contemporary Needs Forum

The Younger Veterans – Contemporary Needs Forum assists in identifying priority emerging issues for veterans across the age and conflict spectrum particularly in the areas of mental and social health.  A full description of its purpose and objectives can be viewed at:...