"The F-111 is the most significant aircraft in the RAAF history. When it finally arrived in 1973, after 10 years of controversy, it gave Australia for the first time a genuine, independent strategic strike capability. More than any other system, the F-111 has underwritten the notion of defence self-reliance and the strategy of controlling the air-sea gap.
Alan Stephens, Going Solo.

A considerable degree of acrimony had arisen over the F-111C purchase in both USA and Australia, in a number of areas of government, Opposition, USAF, even the RAAF, and bureaucracies. The final decision on acceptance of the F-111 would hinge on RAAF engineering assessments of the structural integrity of the aircraft and the life expected with the new re-designed wing-carry-through-box.

All the doomsayers and negative, ill-informed media were proved dramatically wrong - the aircraft proved to be the most effective long range combat aircraft produced. With the update of the avionics and navigation/bombing system and the provision of precision guided munitions (PGMs), the F-111C was the most lethal and effective combat aircraft in Australia's area of strategic interest. The F-111C was retired from service in Nos 1 and 6 Squadrons in December 2010, when the Super Hornet was introduced.

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