Following a night bombing mission in the Quang Nam region of South Vietnam, near Danang, on 3 November 1970, a Canberra aircraft of No 2 Squadron, A84-231, callsign Magpie 91, failed to return to Phan Rang Air Base, in the south east of South Vietnam, after bomb release.

Under control of the Combat Sky Spot ground radar site, MILKY, the crew released 6 x M117 (750lb, 340kg) bombs at 22,500 feet at 2022 local time. Following release, the pilot reported "six away, breaking left" and maintained communications with MILKY for 1 min 16 seconds after weapon release, at which time MAGPIE 91 should have changed frequency to PANAMA Control and Reporting Centre for flight-following during the high level transit south to Phan Rang.

The crew of MAGPIE 91 did not communicate with PANAMA and were never heard from again. The last known position of MAGPIE 91, recorded by a radar station near Da Nang at 2022 hrs local time, was latitude 15°45' North longitude 107°40' East, with the aircraft level at FL220, heading 120 M direct for Phan Rang.

After a three day intensive aerial search by 2SQN members and USAF forces failed to locate the aircraft or the crew, pilot Flying Officer Michael Herbert and navigator Pilot Officer Robert Carver, were listed as 'missing'. An early search for MIAs in 1984 failed to find any evidence of the aircraft wreckage or crew.

Jim Bourke and his team from Operation Aussies Home, completed a report on the events surrounding the missing Canberra and crew and provided the impetus for the government and the RAAF to complete the 'full accounting' for Australia's missing servicemen in Vietnam who were either KIA or MIA, presumed dead and whose remains had not been recovered.

Following a lengthy investigation early in 2009, the RAAF and Army Historical Unit, aided with information from the local Vietnamese population, discovered aircraft wreckage in April 2009, about 3.5 Km from the LKP which was later confirmed to be remains of A84-231. Although little remained of the wreckage, sufficient significant items were identified as that of the missing Canberra.

In July 2009, a RAAF-led team returned to the wreckage site to search for and recover any crew remains. A combined forensic and aircraft investigation team confirmed remains found were those of Mike Herbert and Bob Carver, 39 years after they went missing.