New AFA Constitution a milestone for the future

New AFA Constitution a milestone for the future


A new Federation and Constitution are now in place to secure the future of the Air Force Association (AFA) for generations to come.

Under the new structure, our State and Territory Divisions are now part of a Federation formally linked to the national peak body.
Overall strategic governance will be the responsibility of a new skills-based National Board, which will operate with guidance and input from a Federation Council, comprising representatives from all State and Territory Divisions.

AFA National President Carl Schiller said the restructure was an important step to ensure the AFA kept pace with contemporary governance and management standards.

“The Federated structure will make it easier for all divisions to be more involved in the workings of the Association,” Carl said.

“Previously we had a loose association without any formal links between Divisions. As a united Federation, bound together by a shared Constitution, the association is stronger and more cohesive. This provides important protection for the AFA’s reputation, sends a united message to outside agencies and, in doing so, gives AFA members a much stronger voice.

“The Board sees long-term benefits in the new structure. Not only does it consolidate processes to make the AFA more effective and efficient, it also provides a solid foundation to ensure the future of the association.”

Carl said the renowned spirit culture of the AFA, which was built on a rich history and unswerving commitment to for veterans, would continue to be the central tenets of the new-look organisation.

“At its heart, the AFA is here to support the wellbeing of former serving members, as well as current serving members and their families, and this will not change,” he said.

“The Association will always be there to ensure former members stay connected to their Service, to the individuals they served with, to like-minded people, and have the opportunity to develop new relationships with people with share interests and experiences.”

Establishing new governance protocols, including a new skills-based national Board of Directors, demonstrates the AFA’s commitment to best practice and its eye to the future.

“Our national board will be expanded to include other suitably qualified directors,” he said.

“This will ensure the AFA has the expertise it needs to build a robust and sustainable organisation and effectively represent its community at the national level.

“As part of this, we are introducing new initiatives enhance communication and advocacy for the national membership. One initiative is the new e-newsletter that will be sent out every two months to our national membership database.”

Carl said the landmark changes to the AFA could not have been successfully implemented without the strong support of many members and friends of the organisation.

“It’s been quite a journey to reach this stage, with several years of consultation on how to move forward in a united way,” he said. “Over the years we have conducted various working parties and workshops that have provided significant input and helped inform our approach to ensure we stand where we are today.

“I am grateful to the Constitutional Review Team, the Board and our advisers, in particular Corporate Adviser Jim Campbell who has extensive experience in not-for-profit organisations and who has been a vital support on this journey.”




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