Scootaville 2023 – Adventure & Philanthropy

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This year’s Scootaville charity ride has proved to be a masterful blend of adventure and philanthropy, serving as a shining example of how enriching life experiences can also make a significant social impact.

Over the span of 18 days, participants rode small motor scooters across 2500 kilometres of Queensland’s stunning outback, raising a remarkable $30,000 for Legacy, a charity dedicated to supporting Australian families after the loss or injury of a military service member.

Event organiser Trevor Benneworth called this year’s ride “18 days of fun”, highlighting not just the adventure but the purpose behind it. “We raised $30,000 for our charity of choice—Legacy,” Benneworth said, emphasising the real impact the event had on the community.

This year, the ride wasn’t just about the participants; it also drew some celebrity attention. Cricket legend Merv Hughes joined the convoy in Charleville, spending five nights with the group before resuming his work commitments. “Merv Hughes joined us in Charleville this year and stayed with us for five nights before he had to return to work at Channel 7,” shared Benneworth, who is already looking forward to Hughes’ return for the next ride, alongside another cricket icon, Ian Healy. Merv unselfishly gave three plus hours of his time and held cricket coaching lessons on the local park for the two junior schools in Blackall – to the delight of the kids.

Support from local businesses and communities was another crucial factor that contributed to the event’s success. Benneworth was incredibly thankful for the generosity they received: “We had fabulous support. SIXT gave us a 25-seat bus and a small truck to carry everything; councils gave us free accommodation; hotels provided us plenty of welcome beverages.” Additionally, communities like Blackall, which provided a huge spit roast for the venturers and Winton and Cloncurry went above and beyond by closing their main streets for the event and putting on free barbecues and bands for everyone involved.

For families and kids who attended the starting point in Boonah, a special treat awaited. The Royal Australian Air Force’s hot air balloon was tethered to the ground, offering young adventurers a quick, 20-foot rise into the air. “It gave kids a short ride up to about 20 feet,” Benneworth added, indicating the all-around family-friendly atmosphere the event aimed to create.

Looking ahead, Benneworth has ambitious plans for Scootaville. After taking a few well-deserved days off, he will dive into planning the 2024 event. “We’re planning an event in Queensland for August 2024 and New South Wales in November 2024,” he revealed. 

“We intend to take Scootaville national, eventually!”

For those who couldn’t make it this year, Benneworth had a piece of friendly advice: “You missed a fun ride, plan a few days off next year.” Indeed, with its winning combination of adventure, camaraderie and charity, Scootaville 2024 is already shaping up to be an event that no one will want to miss. 

If you’d like to be a part of Scootaville Qld or Scootaville NSW in 2024, register your interest now by emailing


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