Townsville’s Doug Millican Honoured as Australia Day Ambassador

Air Force Association Townsville Branch Vice President Doug Millican has been appointed an Australia Day ambassador. On January 26, he will represent our nation’s spirit in Charters Towers.

Australia Day ambassadors, including athletes, scientists, actors and past Australians of the Year, journey across the country each year, bringing inspiration to regional Australia Day events.

Doug Millican, a respected veteran from Townsville who served in the RAAF from 1967 to 1975, recently joined this distinguished group.

“I was unfamiliar with the Australia Day ambassador role until I received the invitation,” Mr Millican shared.

Assigned to Charters Towers, Mr Millican has a special connection to this community from his time there in the 1990s. His diverse career includes roles in sales, radio, and numerous voluntary initiatives. “My time in Charters Towers taught me the unique nature of small towns,” he remarked.

Mr Millican acknowledges the growing significance of Australia Day, reflecting on its evolution over the years.

“It’s become a more prominent event, sparking a range of thoughts and emotions,” he said.

He believes the day symbolises the unification of the states to form Australia.

While Australia Day was only officially recognised as a national public holiday in 1994, its historical roots vary across states.

Expressing humility and open-mindedness, Mr Millican said, “My views as an older Australian might differ from the younger generation, but I believe in time, we’ll find common ground.”

He advocates for an Australia Day that acknowledges all who have made Australia their home, including post-war immigrants and recent arrivals.

In 2022, Mr Millican’s extensive volunteer work with Northern Queensland Legacy and the RAAF Association earned him the Townsville Citizen of the Year award, leading to his selection as an Australia Day ambassador.

Reflecting on national identity, Mr Millican observed, “Australians could do more to celebrate our achievements and the positive impact on those who join us from other cultures.”

His ambassador role, facilitated by the Queensland Government’s Department of Premier and Cabinet, is a testament to his enduring commitment to community and national spirit.



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