Historic Vimy Flag On Show at RAAF Edinburgh

Historic Vimy Flag On Show at RAAF Edinburgh

Members of the Air Force Association (South Australia) were on hand for the unveiling of a Vimy Flag at RAAF Edinburgh. The historic flag is on permanent loan from the association and will be displayed in the Sergeants Mess at the base.

The 100-year-old Vimy Flag was produced in 1919. It records the epic and record-breaking flight from England to Australia in the famous Vickers Vimy G-EAOU. The craft was crewed by four brave aviators – Sir Ross Macpherson Smith, Sir Keith Macpherson Smith, Jim Bennett and Wally Shiers. Both the Smith brothers and Wally Shiers were from South Australia. Flags were signed by each of the famous and brave aviators and are important heritage items.

The Vimy Flag will be displayed at RAAF Edinburgh to tell and promote the remarkable story of the Vickers Vimy flight and its courageous aviators and to inspire young RAAF aviators to be visionary achievers and courageous in their service of our Nation.

The Vimy Flag was unveiled during the Sergeants Mess Morno’s. SA State Secretary, Dr Warwick Raymont, and Acting SA President, Mr Lawrence Ng, provided a short address.

Caption: Acting AFA South Australia President Mr Lawrence Ng, left, andState Secretary Dr Warwick Raymont, with the 100 year old Vimy Flag.


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