New Life Members Honoured

New Life Members Honoured

Two members have received Life Membership in recognition of their exceptional contribution and unwavering dedication to the Air Force Association.

BRIG James (Jim) Kenneth Campbell AM (Retd) and AIRCDRE Peter McDermott AM, CSC (Retd) have been awarded for their remarkable efforts which have significantly impacted the association and its mission to support veterans and members of the Air Force community.

James Campbell, a retired Brigadier from the Australian Regular Army Logistic Corps, has demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to the Air Force Association. In 2018, he selflessly volunteered his expertise as a professional consultant to assist the association in restructuring its governance and management practices. Despite facing challenges and setbacks, James persevered tirelessly, dedicating countless hours to the cause. He chaired the Joint Boards’ Steering Group and facilitated workshops over an 18-month period, providing guidance and expertise to the team. His commitment remained unshaken, and he continued to support the association’s progress through subsequent attempts at restructuring. James’ invaluable contributions have been instrumental in paving the way for the association’s ongoing success.

Peter McDermott, current vice president of the national board of the Air Force Association, has also been recognised for his outstanding service. During his tenure as division ACT president from 2009 to 2016, Peter skilfully guided the division through challenging times while prioritising the welfare of association members and veterans. His leadership and dedication have been crucial in ensuring the division’s stability and growth. At the national level, Peter has represented the association in important forums and advocating for the veteran community. He played a key role in achieving consensus on the adoption of a new constitution for Air Force Association Limited, which has established a functional federation of divisions and now provides a united national voice for veterans.

Peter’s commitment extends beyond his executive roles, as he remains an active member at the working level. He is often seen as the association’s wreath layer at Australian War Memorial Last Post Ceremonies, paying tribute to fallen Air Force and AFC members. His dedication to the association, its members, and the veteran community serves as an inspiring example for all.

James Campbell and Peter McDermott exemplify the spirit of selflessness and camaraderie that the AFA holds dear. Their invaluable contributions and tireless efforts have left an indelible mark on the association’s journey and its mission to support and advocate for the Air Force community. The Air Force Association proudly honours them with Life Membership, recognising their extraordinary dedication and valuable contributions that have shaped the association for the better.

Caption left: BRIG (Retd) James (Jim) Kenneth Campbell AM, left, receives his award from AFA President (Victoria Division) John Clarkson.

Caption right: AFA President (ACT Division) Ernie Walsh, left, presents life membership to AIRCDRE (Retd) Peter McDermott AM, CSC.




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